Battlefield 5 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, do women do more damage than the absence of single player campaign?

The title is obviously ironic and jokes about that controversy against Battlefield 5 , already emerged at the presentation of the game, which in many respects was considered exaggerated to out of place but that may have done tangible damage on the front of the game performance on the market. The issue is related to the presence of women in the cast of Battlefield 5 , a very original choice by DICE but that was immediately opposed by much of the gaming community, so as to create a real media case that dragged to months, going to obscure any discourse or criticism on the actual characteristics of the gameplay to embrace the cause of “historical loyalty” . With this concept in mind, ranks of gamers have fought against the idea of ​​including female characters as protagonists in the history of Battlefield 5 because it does not correspond to the historical reality of events and considering the importance of the social sphere and the promotion in videogame to the Today, we do not doubt that the aftermath of such a controversy may have influenced the results of the stock on the market, which apparently are not exciting for the time being .

Leaving out the judgments on the question of historicity – we just say that World War II was not exclusively masculine in any case – it must be said that the Battlefield series has never claimed to represent historically accurate scenarios one hundred percent, preferring to focus on fictional versions of some really happened episodes or on exaggerated spectacularization, as it is moreover suited to an entertainment medium like the videogame one. As is often the case when dealing with gender issues, a controversy based on these assumptions has brought out several rather toxic elements in the gaming community, throwing everything into the usual chaos that has submerged even sensible objections under the tide of misogyny and sexism that often comes out in these cases. Probably referring to these drifts, Electronic Arts cut short in response to criticism simply claiming to avoid buying the game in case you do not agree with the presence of women in it and apparently in a lot have chosen this option.

Of course it can not be the vast majority of mass audiences that usually buy these titles, but such an attitude by developers could not go unpunished by the most active gamers. Obviously we all hope that this has not been the main element to decree the sharp decline in sales on physical format and on the other hand it is still difficult to get a precise idea of ​​the overall performance of Battlefield 5 without having data on digital copies, but it is certain that the game has not been put in a good light from the beginning. Then comes a curious parallelism: even the direct competitor, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 , has had to face various criticisms from the users but in this case for a reason more specifically related to the use of videogames, or the absence of a campaign classic single player in favor of multiplayer modes and several mini-campaigns for the Zombies mode. Judging from the launch records , however, it seems that this strenuous defense of the single player, as often happens, is a bit ‘dropped into nothing at the time of the release of the game, so you might think that the absence of a single player campaign classic can be considered a lesser evil compared to the presence of women in a historical shooting shooter.

This is largely a provocation, because of criticism of Battlefield 5 were also moved on other fronts much more sensible: from the presence of some bugs to the lack of content , but considering the impact of the controversy on women on the one hand and on the Single Player Campaign for Black Ops 4, they held a lot of time, and looking at the obviously different consequences they had, came the idea of ​​comparing the two cases in this way and drawing conclusions. Is it possible that the controversy over the soldatesse and the petty response from the developers in this regard have so much devastated the value of Battlefield 5 in the eyes of the players, or there are elements objectively critical in the new chapter compared to the previous? On the other hand, can the good results of Black Ops 4 be another example of how the traditional single player crisis (though limited in this case to a specific section of the game) has real feedback in the tastes of the players?