The qualities that men love in women

It must be confessed, even I dream to have the keys to easily understand men. But of course, it seems perfectly impossible. But what I can tell you is that it is quite possible to understand their way of functioning and male psychology. Between everything you’ve read in articles on the internet, everything you’ve heard, your own experiences and those around you, it’s hard to know exactly what the difference is between truth and “inventions”. To make a point on all this information, it will be necessary to dig a little.

But why is it important? Simply because if you want to please men, you must first learn to identify the way they see things and how they work. Of course, I am here to help you! So, let’s not go four ways. Today, I put in the clear a subject that diverges ideas: what are the characters of a woman that men love? Some things you already have, but you do not know how to use them properly. While others really require effort on your part. Anyway good reading and especially good luck!

The sensuality

Why is it sensuality seduces men?

I do not tell you anything by telling you that the first thing men look at in a woman is her physical appearance. And if he says the opposite, he is lying. But why know this kind of information if it is not to use it wisely? For men to notice you from afar, wake up the sensual woman who lies dormant in you. But before becoming an attractive woman, there are some points to work on. To begin, look after your appearance so that femininity is paramount. Then work your confidence in yourself. Combined, these two qualities are paired and can not be taken separately.

How to modulate its appearance?

To modulate your appearance, start by choosing clothes that will enhance your figure. If you feel the need to put some makeup on, go for it! However, do not overdo it. For example, you can define the part of your body that you like the most and find a way to enhance it. Your eyes are beautiful? Wear accessories to bring them out. Your size is well defined, put on clothes that will highlight it. The goal is to be attractive from head to toe.

1- Learn to know your morphology to choose the best pieces of your wardrobe

2- Find a fragrance that matches your personality

3-Dare sexy pieces (from time to time), but not provocative if your silhouette allows you

How to develop self-confidence?

But to be a sensual woman, you must work your self-confidence. See things positively and in this way you will emerge a positive energy around you. To show your entourage that you are a confident woman, it is important to show it through your body language. Men must feel in your approach that you are a woman sure of her. Do not be rigid. Have harmonious gestures. You may not notice it, but your maintenance will be enough to define the woman you are. But make no mistake, at first it may seem difficult, but over time these gestures will come automatically.

Independence and self-esteem

Why is self-esteem important?

Do not think that men are devoid of any logic. Since they are attracted to sensual women, it is only natural that they look for women with good self-esteem. However, it is important not to fall into megalomania. Stop thinking that you are a good for nothing and belittling yourself whenever the opportunity arises. Instead of lamenting your fate, learn to take charge of your life. In the end, you can only thank you for this effort. There are indeed several advantages to draw

  • You will feel better in your body
  • You will be satisfied with what you have become and your experience
  • You will automatically become more attractive to men

Why independence is a character that seduces?

When you start to have a good self-esteem, confidence and independence will come naturally. And these characters please. No man can tell you the opposite. But why is it so seductive? It’s simple ! By having independence, a woman opens more to the world around her. Which means that it is not enclosed in this relationship. Therefore, you will be a life partner and not a ball. You know, independent women are those who have a busy schedule, activities to do and especially people with whom they can spend time. Being in a relationship is a bonus and not a kind of escape. And for the man, it is a way to live his life of couple without having to cross on all that it liked before.

A cause and effect result

It can be said that self-esteem and independence are a result of cause and effect. For starters, when a woman is confident enough and is pretty sure of herself, she will automatically know that men are not a necessity for them. She can live very well with or without. Except that when she meets the soul mate, she will understand that life is better when it is shared with a good person. But this is not a good enough reason to abandon his vision. This is where independence comes from. And that, men are crazy about it. Maybe you do not realize it, but women who admit they can not live without a man do not interest men. This kind of woman will be able to say goodbye to her freedom. We must admit, even we, as women, we hold this freedom.


How do men see sweetness?

Do not make me say what I did not say. It is not that I urge you to be a woman independence and trust that I would like you to be the kind of woman to have no feeling or the kind to be too raw. While you assume your personality, you are proud of your ideas, you make your voice heard and you like to give your opinion, but it is not a reason not to be gentle in your life. Moreover, let me put you a little order: men love sweetness, because it is an important point for the success of a love story. It is normal that a woman wants to snuggle into the arms of her man after a hard day. Remember that this feeling is also shared. Even men in the “bad boy” category can appreciate moments of tenderness and comfort.

Too much sweetness kills sweetness

But you have to learn to find the right balance. As in all things, if you do too much, the balance may break. Sweet moments are very much appreciated in a relationship. You must not flood it with kisses and hugs. He will get tired quickly. And I confess to give too much, we also end up not knowing the weight of these comforting moments. There is a time for everything. As you are not in the country of Care Bears, you must understand that sometimes your partner just does not want that. You follow me ? Instead of giving pleasure, gentleness will become a real burden in this case. In order to understand whether gentleness is appropriate or not you simply need to learn to identify the best times for tenderness.

Does softness really rhyme with fragility?

It is a fact, if men appreciate the sweetness (at his girlfriend / wife) is mainly because they see in this quality a hint of fragility. Like a prince charming, he will have the impression that you are a young woman in distress. Coming to your rescue, reaching out to you is a privilege for him. And if a man is loving enough, being able to protect yourself is enough to make him happy. So, ladies, do not be petty and break your happiness. Enjoy the fact that he wants to take care of his beloved. But be careful, if you feel that this fragility greatly impinges on your independence, it will be necessary to set the record straight on time so as not to hurt it. It must be made clear that it is not because you are a woman, that you are gentle that it can overprotect you indefinitely and cherish you to infinity. There are limits that you must not exceed and rules that he can not break.

The simplicity

Why do men like single women?

Men are gaga of simple women. Unfortunately, this is a point that disqualifies many women (not to say most of us). Your character and way of life must also breathe simplicity. So how do you go about it? It’s not very complicated (and it’s not even a play on words)! All you have to do is avoid taking the lead on frivolous things or dramatize situations that are not very important. If you can not find a solution to a specific problem, for example for lack of means, wait a little before taking action.

How to be simple with a man?

Men hate trick questions or situations that can put them in an ambiguous situation. And that, you must know it. If you already know the answer to a question, you do not even need to ask it. Why waste your time this way? If you know he will answer with the wrong answer, why test him? You must not push it on a minefield. It’s your partner and not an enemy. Moreover, this situation can turn against you. So be careful! Even while still in a phase of “seduction” men can spot complicated women. And I speak knowingly.

Simplicity from the point of view of appearance

But the appearance must also be as simple as possible. Naturalness is a very high quality. As proof, most men are not fans of makeup. And this opinion is confirmed by several large studies. But do not get me wrong. Instead of wanting to throw away your makeup kit and donate all your lipsticks, learn to find a way to not abuse them. Put a little gloss never killed and will never kill anyone. In addition, it depends greatly on the person you want to charm. Some men like for example a little eyeliner.

Anyway, you have to learn to be yourself. That’s right, please many men can be very flattering. However, this is not a reason to change your personality and way of life. You are as you are and it is to take or leave. If you want to be sure to please a good kind of man, you have to stay yourself. Moreover, it is also in this way that you can acquire simplicity. My advice is simple: enjoy yourself as you are. But remember, there are still things you can change and others you can improve.