What are women looking for in men?

But what are women looking for in the end? This is a question that keeps coming back. Contrary to what men think, the answer is very simple. They only need security.

This explains the obvious preference of women for men with the following characters:

  • Protective
  • Understanding
  • Dominant or influential

This is a non-exhaustive list and each woman can look for more specific criteria.

But currently, men are wondering if all this is still valid. Indeed, today’s women are becoming more and more independent. Most have a successful career and are safe from need. In this case, what are they really waiting for from their partners?

Women of old would say that they need to be protected from malevolent men who could attack them. They also dream of emotional security.

In contrast, modern women are looking for more emotions. Extremely sensitive, they attach themselves easily to those who manage to create at home:

  • The joy of living
  • Desire

They are also attracted to mysterious, understanding men who know how to accept them as women. Finally, they need complicity and tenderness.

Otherwise, know that women also prefer men:

  • honest

You must know that lying is synonymous with betrayal for many women. Even if the truth is sometimes difficult to say, always be honest with the chosen one of your heart. Answer her questions frankly if she is interested in your past. Also, do not forget that the truth can always surface one day or another.

  • Events

Indeed, most women love men who know how to make them laugh. You need a good sense of humor if you want to be a slayer. Avoid looking too serious and be fun.

  • sincere

Even if your mysterious side attracts girls, know that it could also create a feeling of anxiety. Play the card of sincerity from time to time. Feel free to express your feelings to reassure your partner. You have to make him understand that you two are serious!

  • faithful

This is reminiscent of what we mentioned before. Women really need emotional security. Reason why, they avoid women’s runners. In search of a lasting and stable relationship, they expect loyalty from you.

  • Understanding and listening to them

It is always said that good communication is the secret to the success of a relationship. But should we also add that women like to talk with their partners, even if it is to talk about everything and nothing. They need to be listened to and especially to be understood.

  • romantic

This is one of the greatest qualities that women look for in men. Gentlemen, to tame a woman, be romantic! Know that they love being surprised. Now, men think that romantic dinners and escapades for two in charming places must stop at the flirting stage.

  • Generous

It’s not a question of covering him with presents. On the other hand, think of offering small presents from time to time. It is a way of showing him your love and tenderness; and make him happy. Do not be stingy!

  • officials

Being responsible is essential! Women love to go on adventures, but at a certain point in the relationship, they expect the man to be much more serious and ready to assume the responsibilities of a father. After all, a relationship should result in a marriage and the founding of a family.

  • confident

Self-confidence is an essential trait for all men. Women need someone who believes in their inner strength and their ability to break a deadlock. It is a guarantee of security.

  • intelligent

If dreamers are attractive, they are not good partners for a lasting relationship. This is why women look for a bit of intelligence and a certain lucidity in the opposite sex, which allows them to act as a man at the right moment.

  • Happy

For many women, a man who is too serious and pessimistic is boring. To attract them, be happy. Enjoy life and have a taste of adventure. They will find you crunchy.

  • yourselfers

To be direct, women tend to look for a handyman. They hope to be able to count on you in case of plumbing or electricity problems. You need a bit of DIY know-how.

  • Who can communicate

It’s not about being a talker. You have to know how to speak with women and show that they interest you. You must make sure that your partner spends some time with you.

  • Respect

Indeed, when a woman goes out with a man, she is already looking for the characters of a husband and a good father. That’s why she is much more attached to someone kind, well-mannered and respected by her friends or family.

Basically, if you combine all these qualities and if you can bring to your sweetheart the happiness it deserves, you will gain more esteem in his eyes.